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About Gamma Upsilon Omega
Alumni Chapter

The Fort Bend Alumni chapter was a culmination of 2 years of discussion that began in 2016 among long-standing and committed brothers.  It became evident that there was a strong pocket of Iota Phi Theta® members in the area of Fort Bend County.  It was agreed that a new alumni chapter in the Greater Houston area, servicing Fort Bend County and Southwest Houston would continue and enhance the growth and development of Iota Phi Theta® while co-existing with the other alumni chapters. 


On Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 the Gamma Upsilon Omega alumni chapter received its charter. 


The charter members of Gamma Upsilon Omega are Bro. John Allen, Bro. Geoffrey Boykins, Bro. John Branch, Bro. Dana Earls, Bro. Gibbs Hightower IV, Bro. Kofi Minta, Bro. Christopher O' Banner, Bro. Gregory Reeves Jr., Bro. Bryan Thompson, and Bro. Torrey Thompson. 


The first elected officers of Gamma Upsilon Omega:


Polaris: Bro. Gibbs Hightower | Vice-Polaris: Bro. Christopher O' Banner | Treasurer: Bro. John Allen | Secretary: Bro. Bryan Thompson | Chaplain: Bro. John Branch | NPHC Representative: Bro. Kofi Minta


In a brief 5 years, the footprint of the Gamma Upsilon Omega Alumni Chapter grew far beyond the perimeter of Fort Bend County and Southwest Houston. In the fall of 2023, it was decided to rebrand the chapter to the Space City Iotas, which better represents the demographics of the chapter. The Space City Iotas are building a city of men; a community of brothers, and leaders of households. 

Gamma Upsilon Omega Charter Members

The charter members of Gamma Upsilon Omega

are Brothers:

  • Bro. John Allen

  • Bro. Geoffrey Boykins

  • Bro. John Branch Jr.

  • Bro. Dana Earls

  • Bro. Gibbs Hightower IV

  • Bro. Kofi Minta

  • Bro. Christopher O' Banner

  • Bro. Gregory Reeves Jr.

  • Bro. Bryan Thompson

  • Bro. Torrey Thompson. 


Gamma Upsilon Omega Alumni Chapter proudly serves Houston metropolitan area through service, education, assistance, and resources.  Our programming is designed to enhance the local areas while incorporating the national philanthropy of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Incorporated.

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